How to Migrate Posts from WordPress to Tumblr

Tumblr is a great on the net publishing platform that lets users to share just about anything they want audio, video, quotes, posts, pictures, etc.This is of study course quite similar to WordPress, which allows you to write posts with images, audio and video, but some of the communities surrounding each rig are quite different, anyone might feel that caused by signing up to one WordPress blog that might in fact feel additional information at home with the Tumblr blog.

portfolio themes for WordPress wouldn’t be on our own in this, and a particular result of this migration by certain WordPress internet consumers to Tumblr is generally there is now a simplified means of migrating Squidoo content into Tumblr.

To prepare the foreign trade of your posts totally from WordPress to Tumblr, due to first begin by obtaining a script designed regarding facilitate this.You can pick out the script by user miguelSantirso at truly copy this into Piece of paper and save it seeing as tumblr-export.php to begin.

The next step will be create an export information from your WordPress internet site. You can quickly and easily do this with your admin Dashboard; go which will Tools > Export, choose a single author (typically yourself) or All Authors after that Download Export File as well as a save it to your laptop.

Finally for this stage, you will need in which to upload the export content to a PHP webserver. The most obvious place would be your distinctive WordPress blog, but for anybody who is using a hosted blog, you will need to find somewhere other than these to save it. Bad PHP hosting can are found for a few currency per month if you can not find anywhere else conserve the file. Save these tumblr-export.php file into a nice folder called “tumblr”.

Open the tumblr-export.php computer file in Notepad and examine the first few lines these require editing by a person to in order to permit the import correctly take locate.And enter the filename of the XML export document you uploaded to one particular tumblr folder on all your PHP hosting in $xmlFile =, your Tumblr fund login in $tumblr_email equals and your password operating in $tumblr_password =.

Save the tumblr-export.php file, and then upload that will to the tumblr directory. Finally, to complete the migration, go to your amazing PHP hosting and do the migration script. Here is an example if you created the specific tumblr folder on own personal blog hosting, enter some sort of URL .